Money is always the right color and the right size. (For convenient online giving, please use the button on the right.)  But there are other ways to help Menucha. Consider these:

Volunteer here. Inside or outside, there’s plenty to do. We need help in our gift shop and our gardens.  Do you have a special skill or interest that could help us? Let us know what you’d like to do and we will gladly put you to work.

Volunteer from afar. Here’s a terrific example: Seattle resident Gordon K. is a professional cartographer. When he came for our Ukulele Band Camp, he noticed that our grounds map was a copy of a copy – it didn’t look very good. Gordon offered to create a new map of the Menucha property because Menucha is his “favorite place in the world.”

Another reason to volunteer: Volunteers help us win grants! Not only do volunteers help us at the moment with whatever task they’ve chosen but also when it comes to our applications for grants. Foundations ask how many volunteer hours Menucha receives each year. Your time as a volunteer helps us show these foundations that many people care for Menucha and support its mission.

Donate stuff. Donate your used car, truck, RV or boat. Perhaps a household item you’re ready to shed might just find a new home at Menucha. Or if you’re a savvy shopper, perhaps you can buy new things we need and donate them.

Search, Shop, and Bottle Drop.

Goodsearch. Change your computer’s search engine to Goodsearch and every time you look for information on the web, Menucha gets a few pennies. Small change adds up.  Click here for more information.

GoodShop. When you shop online through the GoodSearch, a percentage of your puchase comes back to us.

Amazon Smile. Sign up in 30 seconds and do your online shopping at For every purchase you make, Amazon will give 0.5% to Menucha! Click here to get started!

Oregon Bottle Drop. Supporters from around here can turn in your bottles and cans at a convenient Oregon Bottle Drop location and tell them to give the refund to Friends of Menucha Foundation. Click here for more information.

Other ideas? Call us! The creativity of our volunteers never ceases to amaze us.  503-695-2243. Amazon Smile logo

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