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We gratefully acknowledge those who have generously supported the Friends of Menucha Foundation

Donors and Volunteers
2020AmazonSmile Foundation
Barr, Don and Edythe
Battee, Annie
Bergdorf, Suellen
Blum, Bob and Carol Black
Bolar, Caroline
Brown, Rebecca
Castles, Pat
Creative Arts Community
Cusick, Tim and Suzanne
Danielson, Melissa
DeSpain, Becky
Edwards, Doug
Fales, Don and Norma
Finch, Cindy
Foote, Derek
Foote, Gerry
Gliebe, Mark
Goertz, Mike and Barbara
Halsey, Dave and Jan
Hampton, David and Carolyn
Heidegger, Jane
Helmer III, John and Jennifer
Hill, Kathryn
Hoder, Kevin and Patty Macfarlane-Hoder
Hughes, Tom and Gayle
Icenogle, Marlin and Nancy
Joiner, Sarah
Lee, Rick
Leuthauser, Ann
Leuthauser, John
Lindbloom, Gordon and Frances Page
Lindsey, Buck and Jenny
Magnuson, Ted and Nancy
McCall, Mac and Carolyn
McSwain, Bob and Cindy
Merrill, Erich and Laura
Mishler, Jerry and Sara Grigsby
Parks, Jessica
Patrick Lumber Company
Pullin, Rosemary
Rasmussen, Chris
Rossmiller, Elaine
Schroder, Krista and Jed
Sercombe, Tim
Shaw, Chuck
Shippy, Keisha
Smith, Sally
Starker, Gayle
Vortriede, Jen and Eric
Wade, Dan
Webb, Cameron
Whittington, Joe and Phyllis
Wilson, Steven and Judy
Wurm, Emmie
Yoder, Ernie and Jeri
Ziel, Sharon

Gifts made in memory of:
Al Leuthauser

Gifts made in honor of:
Chuck Shaw
John Leuthauser

Spencer Parks

Donors to the Revive and Restore Campaign 2020

Aldrich, Greg and Susan
Ambrose, Katherine

Anonymous (15)
Babatunde, John and Grace
Badurina, Marilyn
Bailey, Denise
Baker, Janita and Robert
Battee, Annie
Bell, David
Bennett, Susan
Bergdorf, Suellen
Bjerre, Robert and Irma
Blomgren, Doug and Ann Bartsch
Blum, Bob and Carol Black
Bodtker, Egon and Diana

Boos, Sara
Bowler, Sharon and Norm
Bradley, Colin
Branchflower, Norm and Nancy
Brask, Otto and Minna
Brown, Rebecca
Browne, Bruce
Brummer, Jeff and Alisa
Bulkley, Bob and Joyce MacWilliamson
Burden, Harold
Burgel, Linda
Burroughs, Sandra
Butler, Paul and Grace
Cain, Leonard and Roberta Badger-Cain
Callison, Preston and Anna
Candace Primack Art
Carlson, Priscilla and Karen Wells
Carrier, Philip
Carroll-Fifield, Peter
Chase, Debra
Crow, Rev David and Beverly
Chu, Micah and Foy White Chu
Clark, Barbara
Clemens, Arlene
Clinical Pastoral Education, Legacy Health Systems
Cohen, Cloie and Joe Simmons
Cone-Jennings Family Reunion
Conlon, Joan
Conyne, Greg and Barbara
Cook, John
Crane, David and Wendy
Crane, Scott and Katie Long
Creative Arts Community
Crowell Jr., John
Crowell, David and Helen
Cusick, Tim and Suzanne
Deming, Jonathan
Deming, Lauren and Will
Dixon, Leonard
Downie, Nancy A
Dubesa, Elaine
Dubitsky, Lisa and Joseph Brady
DuCharme, Christy
Duke, Norm and Sylvia
Edmonds, Patricia
Edmundson, Morna
Edwards, Rev Doug and Vena
Ehrman III, Diane and Joe
Evans, John and Joyce
Fales, Don and Norma
Fay, Darlene
Fessler, Thomas and CIndy
Finch, Cindy
Fish, Jerry and Sally
Fogelquist, Ross
Foote, Derek
Foote, Gerry
Foote, Steve
Forest Grove High School
Forrester, Kent and Marie
Garner, Kathryn
Gloekler, EH and Inga
Goertz, Mike and Barbara
Goldman, Sachs & Co Matching Gift Program
Graves, Adam
Gray, Louise
Grewe, Chris and Susan
Growing Towards Wisdom
Haglund Family
Halvorsen, Frank and Karen
Hammond, Carl and Peggy
Hampton, David and Carolyn
Hansen, Eric
Harding, Trish
Hardt, Ulrich
Hedlund, Susan and John Walling
Helmstetter, CJ
Hilty, Kendra
Hinman, Heidi
Hoder, Kevin and Patty Macfarlane-Hoder
Hoder, Maurine
Holmquist, Dr. Solveig
Horst Family
Hughes, Tom and Gayle
Icenogle, Marlin and Nancy
Jackson, Lois
Jennings, Ben
Jennings, Ronald and Marilyn
Jepsen, Bonnie
Jessee, Emily
Johnson, Bruce and Heather
Johnson, Warren and Linda
Joiner, Sarah
Jones, Glenn and Beverly
Joseph, Debra
Kate Kaufmann Fund of Oregon Community Foundation
Kaufman, Murlan and Ginny Bistodeau
Kaye, Ted and Debbie
Kayser, Bruce
Kennedy, Gordon
Kimpo, Angie
King, Sharon Rackham
Kirkbride, Dale and Carol

Knapp, Kristan
Kremzar, Lucia
Kuehner, Barbara
Kurkinen, Tim and Kim
Laird, Mary Ellen
Lambertsen, Paul
Langford, Terry and Thad
Larson, John and Mary
Leader, Janet
Leamy, John and Donna
Leatherwood, David and Janet
Lee, Rick
Leuthauser, Ann
Leuthauser, John
Lindbloom, Gordon and Frances Page
Lindsey, Buck and Jenny
Magnuson, Ted and Nancy
Marshall, Rev Judy
Matthews, Tom and Charlotte
Mattson, Alli
McCall, Merritt and Carolyn
McFall, Dick and Patti Fiske-McFall
McLeod, Lydia
McNamee, Paula
McNulty, Joel and Wilma
McSwain, Bob and Cindy
Meabe, Amy
Men’s Spiritual Retreat
Mermin Decagon
Merner, Rev Jack
Merrill, Erich and Laura
Mesirow, Margaret

Meyer, Lyle and Audrene
Meyn, Mary Anne
Miller, Janet
Miller, Ken and Anne
Mishler, Jerry and Sara Grigsby
Moments of the Heart Retreat, Jewish Education Services
Moore, Tom and Sue
Mott, Brian
Mullen, Mary
Muyskens Family
Nance, Rev Lori and Aaron
Neva’s Legacy Fund
Nilsen, Carla and Erik
Nilson, Chris
Norton, Oswald and Rayma
NW Danish Association
Olsen, Christine
Oregon Community Foundation
Page, Robina
Paget, John and Toni
Parks, Jean
Parks, Jessica
Parks, Spencer and Sarah van Haeften
Parsons, Bob
Partnership for Safety and Justice
Penley, Ron and Sally
Perram, Louise
Portland Seminary of George Fox University
Portland Society for Calligraphy
Post, Wes
Powers, Jeannine
Presbyterian Peace Foundation

Priedeman, Gordon and Mary
Primack, Steve and Candace
Pullin, Rosemary
Purdy, Bruce
Ramirez, Cirila and Scot Lang
Rasmussen, Chris
Reedville Presbyterian Church, Rev Jeffery Sievert
Renfrow-Baker, Barbara
Rist, Joshua
Robertson, Doug
Rose City Park Presbyterian Church
Rounsavell, Dan and Myra
Russell, Pamela
Sammons, Chip and Nanita
Sara Schmidt Design
Scalera, Clark and Carmen Goetschius
Schmidt, Sara E
Schneider, Camilla
Schultz, Lizann
Schupp, James and Karen
Sefton, Katherine
Sercombe, Tim and Jane Van Boskirk
Serenity in Motion
Severson Family Reunion
Severson, Brandt
Severson, Ellie
Severson, Ralph
Shaw, Chuck
Shively, Willard and Laurna
Simmons, Russ and Delores
Simpson, Matt and Linda McNulty
Smith, Russell and Jean
Snodderly, Steve and Lisa
Solomon, Kristin
Spalding, Daniel
Spanier, Cheri
Speidel, Bruce
Starker, Gayle
Steelman, Beth and Ben
Stetson, Dick
Stevens, Garrie and Pam Harris
Svaren, Jacqueline
Svoboda, Sue
Szabo, Rick and Sonya
Tedrow, Lorraine
Teufel, Judith
Thorsnes, Melinda
Todd, Mari and Richard
Triggs, Thia
Trish Harding School of Art at Studio UFO
Tucker, Tom
University of Portland, Campus Ministry
University of Portland, Honors Program

Urban Spirituality Center, FR James Galluzzo
Urke, Michelle
Vortriede, Jen and Eric
Wall, Paton and Holly
Walsh, Elizabeth and David
Walsh, Jim and Ann
Watts, Laura
Webster, Matt and Hillary
West, Jeff and MaryKay
White, Jocelyn
White, Penny
Williams, Mary Lou
Williams, Rich
Winter, Nancy
Withycombe, Kathy
Wood, Aimee
Wooding, Candy
Wright, Andrew
Wright, Karen
Wurm, Emmie, Paul, Tim, Christie, and Vern
Ziel, Sharon
Zopfi, Steven

Gifts made in memory:
Al Leuthauser
Barbara Masterson
Barbara Purdy
David Mesirow
Dr. Jon K. Clemens
Eleanor Hardt

Gene Alexander
Grace and Julius Meier
Jeanne Nadal
John Morris
Linda Foote
Matthew McCoy
Neil Lieurance & Roger Doyle

Our Beloved Maggie Rogers
Pat Ehrman
Walker and Diane Wellford

Gifts made in honor:
Fellow Artists At Summer Retreat
Lauren Deming
Will, Lauren, David, and JD Deming
Liederkranz’s Founding Members: John Cobb, Will Elliot, Walt Farrier, Gary Gadwood, Jerry Harris, Wayte Kirchner, Royce Saltzman, Dave Shrader, Lynn Sjolund, Gary St. John, Steve Stone, Robert Trotter, Jim Welty, and Neil Wilson.
Mac and Carolyn McCall
Paul Wurm, former board member
Sarah Schwab

Smoking Cessation Group (42 years at Menucha)
Spencer Park
Steve Snodderly
The Dinghys Mariners
The Menucha Staff and Your Generous Welcome For Our Meeting
The West Family
The Wonderful Menucha Staff
Western Christadelphian Bible School

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