January 1 - December 31, 2022


AC Schommer & Sons Inc.
Greg and Susan Aldrich
Colleen Atherton
Janita and Robert Baker
Gretchen Barron
Jon and Sally Bates
Annie Battee
Mike Becklund
Bellamy and Son Paving
Paul and Cathy Bender
Karen Birchfield
Cam and Midge Birnie
Doug Blomgren
Bob Blum and Carol Black
Jim and Nancy Boyle
Dennis and Jeanne Bradley
Marianne Brogan
Jann Brown
Ken and Janet Brown
Graham and Sharley Bryce
Catherine Buel
Bob Bulkley and Joyce MacWilliamson
Harold Burden
Natalia Burgess
Priscilla Carlson and Karen Wells
Vincent and Paula Carpenter
Marlis Carson
Pat and Sandy Castles
CDK Global
Debra Chase
Connie Cheifetz
Sally Church
Jim Clark and Pam Kotila Clark
Barbara Clark
Arlene Clemens
Deva Coder
Cloie Cohen and Joe Simmons
Don and Linda Cohn
Courtney Coleman
Janet Parsons Colliton
Columbia Bank
Evan and Suzie Cooper
Alice Corwin
Ann Cotton
Scott Crane and Katie Long
Creative Arts Community
John Crowell, Jr.
Will and Lauren Deming
David Deming
Becky DeSpain
Mary Dick
Cristina and Mircea Draghicescu
Elaine Dubesa
Christy DuCharme
Ebay Foundation
Paul Ecker and Beth Essex
Merry Emlaw
Norma Fales
Nancy Farland

Darlene Fay
Trudy Felix
Bruce Felix and Audrey Schindler
Susan Ferris
David and Cindy Finch
Jerry and Sally Fish
Derek Foote and David Radford
Gerry Foote
Steve Foote
Derek Foote CPA LLC
Phyllis Frus
Father James Galluzzo
Nancy Gaston
Carol Gies
Barbara Giesy
Carol Gilbert
Mark Gliebe
EH and Inga Gloekler
Sandi-Jo Goddard
Linda Grabe
Chris Grewe
Joyce Gustafson
Deborah Haight
Kathy Hall
Frank and Karen Halvorsen
David and Carolyn Hampton
Margaret Hancock
Rick Hardt
Bob Harrington
Regina Hauser and Chris Carson
David Hawkins
Chuck and Sandra Haynie
Susan Hedlund and John Walling
Jane Heidegger
Chris and Ava Henningsen
Maurine Hoder
Janet Homrighausen
Sara Hortenstine
Dr. Don and Lynnette Houghton
Susan Howell
Tom and Gayle Hughes
Jack and Ruth Hutteball
Marlin and Nancy Icenogle
Lois Jackson
Pam Jenkins
Ben Jennings
John and Emily-Jo Jensen
Bonnie Jepsen
Don Johnson and Sandra Hom
Bruce and Heather Johnson
Sarah Joiner
Mary Josephson
Julie and Kyle Kates
Murlan Kaufman and Ginny Bistodeau
Kate Kaufmann
Ted and Debbie Kaye
Bruce Kayser
Anne Kennedy
Gordon Kennedy and Liisa Mannery
Dale and Carol Kirkbride

Dan and Shari Kitzmiller
Kristan Knapp
Kroger Community Rewards
Barbara Kuehner
Paul Lambertsen
Bruce Lawson and Anne Sellery
David and Janet Leatherwood
Rick Lee
Sally Lefeber
John Leuthauser and Ann Leuthauser
Eric Lichtenthaler and Dixie Stevens
Buck and Jenny Lindsey
Marjorie Meihoff Lininger
Jacqueline Lipshutz
Sharon Loomis-Malin
Fonda Lucas
Whitney Lundy
Suzanne Malter
Allie Graham Mattson
Ann McCartney
Millard and Mary Lou McClung
Keren and Craig McCord
Katie McEntee
Dick McFall and Patti Fiske-McFall
Carolyn McKinney
Paula McNamee
Jean Meihoff
Betty Meihoff
Ruben and Elizabeth Menashe
Menucha Ukulele Band Camp
Ruth Mepham
Erich and Laura Merrill
Margaret Mesirow
Clint and Janet Miller
Victoria Milne
Jerry Mishler and Sara Grigsby
Ron and Jan Mittelstaedt
MJ Murdock Charitable Trust
Tom and Sue Moore
Madeline Moore
Judy Morton
Mary Mullen
Joe and Diana Nadal
Terry and Louise Nagel
Aaron and Lori Nance
Chris Nilson
Oswald and Rayma Norton
Jennifer O’Donnell
Oregon Community Foundation
Gary Pape
Jessica Parks and Kate Skuzeski
Spencer Parks & Sarah Van Haeften
Louise and Steve Perram
Ollie May and Jack Phillips
Charles and Ruth Poindexter
Carolyne Pons
Wes Post and Gayle Leu
Gordon and Mary Priedeman
Rosemary Pullin
Annalee Purdy

Janet Rabe
Chris Rasmussen
Chris and Joey Razzano
Rick Ray and Anne Philipsborn
Dick and Susan Reinhart
Dan and Myra Rounsavell
Pamela Russell
Chaya Sachs
Savage Memorial Presbyterian Church
Harold and Grace Sawyer
Clark Scalera & Carmen Goetschius
Dan and Susan Schlesinger
Tim and Bonnie Schnell
Cynthia Schubert and Larry Trussell
Connie Schwendemann and Pete Peterson
Bruce Seiler
Tim Sercombe and Jane Van Boskirk
Tom and Debra Sexton
Chuck Shaw
Jeff and Lori Sievert
Sunny Smith
Doug and Teresa Smith
Mary Helen Socolofsky
Gayle Starker
Beth and Ben Steelman
Dick Stetson
Paul Sunderland
Inez Briley Taylor
Halima Taylor
Judy Teufel
Rukshana Triem
Tualatin Plains Presbyterian Church
Michelle Urke
Shelby Walker
Jim and Ann Walsh
George and Lori Webb
Marilyn Weber
Matt and Hillary Webster
Judy Weddle
Jackie West
Jeff and MaryKay West
Michael Wetter and Jennifer Pratt
Denise and Brian White
Joe and Phyllis Whittington
Julie Williams
Mary Lou Williams
Rich Williams and Julie Hand
Steven and Judy Wilson
Kathy Withycombe
Leslie and Wendell Witt
Steve Wojahn and Diana Wolf
Sarah Wolf Newlands
Aimee Wood
Emmie Wurm
Dorothy Wysham
Ernie and Jeri Yoder
Rebekah Yoder-Rattaro
Sharon Ziel


Joe Ehrman
Don Fales
Linda Foote
John Kinyon
Joyce Malin
Mac and Carolyn McCall
Walt Meihoff
David Mesirow
Jeanne Nadal
Susan Russell
Emma Sercombe Van Boskirk


Ann Leuthauser

Buck and Jenny Lindsay’s
40th wedding anniversary

Dan and Myra Rounsavell

Savage Memorial Presbyterian Church

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others. - Cicero