Thank You to Our Supporters

We gratefully acknowledge those who have generously supported the Friends of Menucha Foundation

Donors and Volunteers in 2022

Anonymous (4)
Bates, Jon
Battee, Annie
Bradley, Dennis and Jeanne
CDK Global
Center for Story-based Strategy
Cheifetz, Connie
Clark, Jim and Pam Kotila Clark
Cohen, Cloie and Joe Simmons
Coleman, Courtney
Crane, Scott and Katie Long
Deming, David
Deming, Lauren
DeSpain, Becky
Ebay Foundation
Edwards, Doug
Fay, Darlene
Ferris, Susan
Finch, Cindy
Foley, Jeff
Foote, Derek and David Radford
Foote, Gerry
Gies, Carol
Gliebe, Mark
Gloekler, EH and Inga
Grabe, Linda
Grewe, Chris
Gundlach, Helen
Hall, David and Kathy
Hampton, David and Carolyn
Hancock, Margaret
Harrington, Bob
Hedlund, Susan
Heidegger, Jane
Hoder, Maurine
Hortenstine, John and Sara
Hughes, Tom and Gayle
Hutteball, Ruth
Jennings, Ben
Johnson, Bruce and Heather
Johnson, Don and Sandra Hom
Joiner, Sarah
Kaufman, Murlan and Ginny Bistodeau
Kennedy, Gordon
Kroger Community Rewards
Kuehner, Barbara
Lee, Rick
Leuthauser, Ann
Leuthauser, John
Malter, Suzanne
Mattson, Alli
McCord, Keren
McCord, Keren
Merrill, Erich and Laura
Mishler, Jerry and Sara Grigsby
MJ Murdock Charitable Trust
Moore, Tom and Sue
Nance, Lori and Aaron
Old Scotch Church
Parks, Jessica and Kate Skuzeski
Parks, Spencer and Sarah van Haeften
Perram, Louise
Poindexter, Charles and Ruth
Ponder, Diane
Ponder, Evan
Pons, Carolyne
Porter,  Mona
Pullin, Rosemary
Razzano, Chris and Joey
Rounsavell, Dan and Myra
Russell, Pam
Sachs, Chaya
Schnell, Tim and Bonnie
Sercombe, Tim
Snodderly, Steve
Solomon, Kristin
Starker, Gayle
Stewart, Agnes and Tim
Triem, Rukshana – Womens Lifestyle Coaching LLC
Troen, Denise
Ukulele Band Camp
Urke, Michelle
Webb, George and Lori
West, MaryKay
White, Kelly
Whittington, Joe and Phyllis
Wurm, Emmie

Gifts made in memory of:

Jeanne Nadal
John Allen Kinyon
Mac and Carolyn McCall
Susan Jane Russell

Gifts made in honor of:

Ann Leuthauser’s 95th Birthday
Cynthia Morrison
John Hortenstine
Lauren Deming’s Birthday
Sarah Schwab’s Birthday
Spencer and Sarah Parks
The ministry and mission of Savage Memorial Presbyterian Church
Warren and Linda Johnson



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