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Stewarding a sacred space is both an honor and a challenge.

Starting with the indigenous peoples who sustained themselves by the abundance of this region, to the Meier family who conceived of Menucha before there was even a road to get here from Portland, the current stewards of Menucha recognize their role in the timeline of this extraordinary place.

Twelve facilities, over a hundred acres, and four hundred groups a year make for a busy place – and the number of lives enriched too numerous to count!

Each building has a list of needed improvements, some crucial and others to aid in the hospitality of guests. With the support of generous donors, staff have done an extraordinary job of chipping away at this list. From replacing the roof on Wright Hall to replacing an ancient tractor, Menucha has benefited tremendously from the contributions of so many.


Update on Wright Hall Renovations

Wright Hall represents the heart of Menucha in many ways. Built as a residence for the Meier family, it’s now our largest accommodation for guest groups and also houses the dining rooms where all guests enjoy their meals.

Phase One: In 2019, Wright Hall had been identified as the target for fundraising efforts by the Friends of Menucha Foundation. Starting with the spring letter, then to the Fall Dinner, donors contributed nearly $40,000 to fund renovations. Work focused on refreshing paint, refurbishing walls (no wood was painted), and refinishing some of the hardwood floors. We also renovated Room 3 as well as Master Suite. Due to the halt in availability of the furniture we need, the remaining work will resume as soon as we are able.

Phase Two: With all of the challenges presented by the mandatory shut down, we assumed Phase Two wouldn’t be able to happen for many years.

HOWEVER, Menucha has been blessed with a substantial and transformational gift – $100,000! An anonymous donor has presented us with an amazing opportunity to continue work in Wright Hall, specifically to focus on accommodations for sleeping. This generous gift allows us to complete the work started in Phase One and also purchase new beds, mattresses, and all other furnishings to completely transform the Wright Hall bedrooms. This will not only make guests more comfortable, but it will help us reach our adjusted occupancy goals (moving from a maximum of 51 occupancy to 46). This gift also allows us to offer work to some of our part-time staff who have been laid off due to the closure. We are fortunate to have the skill in-house to do the work ourselves which offers an efficiency, but also an assurance that Wright Hall receives the care and love it needs.

A special shout out to Menucha Commissioner and Corbett resident Sharon Hocking. She has brought amazing talent and vision to our team. The scope and quality of this project would not be possible without her.

Phase Three: Time will tell when we can move to this phase, but it will include more extensive remodeling of the bathrooms and upgrading the rest of Wright Hall’s plumbing and electrical.