We received this letter along with a check for our kitchen remodel campaign:

DSCN1516“Four or five years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Menucha as the location of a Courage and Renewal Retreat. Not only the retreat, but more so, the setting was truly life-changing for me. In particular, I relished the community meals I enjoyed at Menucha looking out at the spectacular natural setting that may be viewed from your dining room.

It is truly my pleasure to be able to support your ministry at Menucha. Although my plans do not currently allow for another visit, my memories of Menucha are rich and deep. I thank you for the hospitality you provide to seekers like me. You have no idea the gift you are to the world in which we live.

May God bless your endeavor, and help it to flourish,

We received this email from a Women’s Fall Cancer Retreat attendee:

“I haven’t exhaled in the last year with my fight against breast cancer and it was a reconnection of spirit to stand next to the pool enjoying the Columbia Gorge in all it’s glory and exhaling and inhaling the pure air of renewal. I think it’s important for people to know that this is not a place of judgement or forced religion. It is a place of peace and serenity.

Scott was the first person to welcome me and his kind soft voice made me feel as if everything was going to be well in the world. Susan is a gifted facilitator and her teaching was so smooth and flawless that it was easy to forget you were being taken on a journey of learning and contemplation. As I told her at the retreat her spirit is so warm and loving I felt a sense of safety that I have lost over time. I especially appreciated the way she led the group in discussion making sure that each person got their individual time to share and process and if others got off track she would gently bring them back into focus.

I had an amazing experience of sacred space walking the Labyrinth. With the soft rain coming down as I walked the path quietly and intentionally asking for release of my troubles and stress, two deer walked within feet of me without trepidation. As if they knew they were safe and almost as if we were one with the earth. I stopped and watched in amazement at such a beautiful sight. After they headed up the trail I continued my walk and when I reached the middle I spent as much time as necessary until I felt release and joy. On my way back to the hall, the deer returned ahead of me leading me all the way back to our hall.

It was somewhat difficult to reenter the chaotic world we live in, but I now have a place to meditate on and know that I will return. My wish is that every person would get to experience this little piece of heaven just once in their life.