The efforts to keep people safe have struck at the heart of what we do at Menucha. Yet through these challenging times, everyone remains focused on the day when we can once again welcome guests and friends to the property.

Today we find ourselves at a critical moment in Menucha’s history.

Today, we are calling in all of the love that exists for Menucha out in the world. From those who have been enriched by their time at Menucha. Those who have experienced a moment of clarity and connection that bettered their life. Those who need Menucha to remain a constant in this world.

The Revive and Restore Menucha campaign represents a bold effort to sustain Menucha through these challenging times. Our goal is $375,000 to cover fixed costs and retain our core staff.

We can’t influence the tides of the virus or the mandates set to keep us safe, but we can steward Menucha to not only ensure our survival but that we’ll once again meet our mission well.

It will take all of us, with gifts of all sizes, to weather this storm. We hope you will consider a gift to Menucha today.

Maximizing Your Gift for the Revive and Restore Menucha Campaign

Setting up a Recurring Gift can be a great way to make a larger gift than you might be able make at once. $25 over a year adds up to $300, or $100 totals $1,200! Sustaining gifts like this secure the day to day operations at Menucha and are greatly appreciated.

Matching Gift programs offer a way to sometimes double your gift as well as an employee benefit you don’t want to miss out on utilizing. You might also consider asking family members to match your gift. This is a great opportunity for older generations to talk to younger family members about what is important to them and how Menucha has impacted the family.

If you are 72 or older and must take required minimum distributions from your IRA, you can transfer up to $100,000 annually from your IRA directly to Menucha without having to recognize the distribution as income.

Gift Chart

It will take all of us, with gifts of all sizes, to weather this storm.

Gift Amount Number of Gifts Needed Combined Together Over 12 Months Over 24 Months
$25,000 3 $75,000 $2,083 $1,042
$10,000 10 $100,000 $833 $417
$5,000 15 $75,000 $417 $208
$2,500 15 $37,500 $208 $104
$1,000 35 $35,000 $83 $42
$500 43 $21,500 $42 $21
$250 57 $14,250 $21 $10
$100 99 $9,900 $8 $4
$50 137 $6,850 $4 $2
414 gifts $375,000