Menucha has been able to accomplish big work with the support of donors. From time to time, we’ll reach out with special projects such as when we needed to replace the roof on Wright Hall or pave the entrance road. Our most recent special project, which was also the focus of our Fall Fundraising Dinner, is to fund the updating of guest rooms in Wright Hall. You can still support this important work.

Room to Renew – 2019

Our theme at this year’s Fall Fundraising Dinner was Transformation – Room to Renew. We specifically targeted the renewal of guest rooms in Wright Hall. As Menucha’s own programs have developed and usage has changed, the bunk beds that were originally installed in the rooms are less in demand. Simply, guests rarely want the top bunk. Also, the rooms have been well-loved and well used, almost loved to death in some cases. So it’s time to update the rooms and furnishings that have served Menucha guests for many years. We are thrilled to begin work on the transformation.

Join Us!

Donations can still be made online or we always welcome a check by mail (made out to the Friends of Menucha Foundation) – PO Box 8, Corbett, OR 97019.