2021 – Our Big Fall Fundraising Dinner Morphing into Lots of Smaller Dinners

We can’t do a big dinner here the way we always have, so we’re excited at the possibility of lots of smaller, and safer events.

We Count on the Fall Fundraiser

While 2020 for Menucha meant stopping the car and shifting into park, 2021 is proving to be unpredictable rush hour traffic with our foot on the gas then sudden braking. We are moving forward but it’s a rough go and we’re not sure when we’ll get there. Yet still we drive on knowing that open roads are on the horizon.

Bottom line: While the Fall Fundraising Dinner can’t happen in its usual form, the need is still there.

Sign up here to be an event host or guest. You can also email cloie@menucha.org.


Questions and Answers

What is A Home Away From Home?

Instead of hosting a 100-person dinner at Menucha in Wright Hall, this year the tradition continues with smaller house/deck/yard parties. Event hosts can invite people already connected to Menucha or perhaps someone who might be interested in the good work we do – we love new friends as much as long-time ones! Also, smaller and potentially outdoor events feel like the right choice this year.

Do hosts choose the date of their event?

Absolutely – whatever date works best for you and your guests! With fall coming quickly though, we’re aiming to have the events held by the end of October if possible.

What will Menucha provide?

Fresh baked bread, a Menucha dessert, wine, flowers, game ideas, and a video where they’ll get to hear from Spencer and others.

What does the event host provide?

We hope hosts will provide the same kind of hospitality our guests experience at Menucha. Think of when you may have volunteered to be the table server at Menucha, ensuring folks have what they need and as Spencer says, “providing sparkling conversation.” Food can be anything from a potluck to take-out to a meal designed to show off the host’s culinary skills. Overall, we hope that our mission to enrich lives will infuse your event.

And we are not only grateful to be able to outsource to our community this important work on behalf of Menucha, but that we have so many trusted and generous friends who we know will make this an amazing experience – our gratitude has no bounds!

How many people should we invite?

Whatever feels safe and comfortable to you.

How do I sign up?

We have an online form where you can enter all of your event details so Menucha staff can support you and share valuable information as you prepare for your event. Click here to sign up to be a host or to let us know if you’d like to join an event as a guest. We’ll have lots of open seats available! 

If I can’t host, but would like to attend an event, can I let you know?

Absolutely! One of the questions we’ll have for our hosts will be if they’d like to offer open seats at their event. Menucha staff will work to match as many guests with hosts as possible.

What if I want to host, but don’t have a location?

You could work with a friend or family member to act as co-host and offer up their deck or backyard, or utilize a neighborhood park or a restaurant with a private/semi-private outdoor space. If you’d would like to put together a picnic, check in with Cloie Cohen to see if an event at Menucha might be possible.

I’ve been invited to two events – what do I do?

Well first, we’re happy that you are loved and a valued community member and friend! And while Menucha will do its best to support this process of planning and inviting folks, there inevitably will be overlaps with social groups. We encourage you to go to as many as you want!

What is the fundraising goal for each party?

We haven’t set a particular goal for our hosts. We figure there may be quite a range, and aside from raising much appreciated and needed money, we also recognize the tremendous value of raising new friends and strengthening relationships in our community.

Will the event host have to ask for donations?

The video message from Spencer and others will include an update on Menucha and details about the coming year, and also an “ask” for a donation. So while hosts do not have to directly ask for donations, we would love for them to share our pledge forms and envelopes with their guests and collect donations at the close of the event. The hosts can also share information about how to give to Menucha online.

What if I don’t feel safe gathering without a mask?

We encourage you to make decisions to keep yourself safe and we would love your participation in this effort to raise much needed funds for Menucha. Keep an eye out for ways you can offer your support.

If any additional questions arise, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Cloie Cohen, Development Director
cloie@menucha.org, 503-695-2243



We believe that people are better off spiritually, emotionally, and mentally when gathered into loving and nurturing communities. And while we can’t gather as a group for the Fall Dinner, we want all of that for each of you!