Thank You to Our Supporters

We gratefully acknowledge those who have generously supported the Friends of Menucha Foundation

Donors November 2018 – December 2019

Adelman, Mara
Ahern, David
AmazonSmile Foundation
Anderson, Lorraine
Bates, Luke and Leslie Hanson
Battee, Annie
Bell, Fontaine and Ellen
Bella, Rick and Hillary
Bellamy and Son Paving
Bellamy, Dan
Bergdorf, Suellen
Birnie, Cam and Midge
Blum, Bob and Carol Black
Branchflower, Fredrick and Melanie
Bremner, Rebecca
Brown, Jann
Brown, Rebecca
Brummer, Jeff and Alisa
Bulkley, Bob and Joyce MacWilliamson
Buxton, Zane and Karol
Calderwood, Thomas
Candey, Scott and Nora
Chu, Micah and Foy White Chu
Clark, Barbara
Clark, Jim and Pam Kotila Clark
Clemens, Arlene
Clifford, Terry and Elizabeth
Cohen, Cloie and Joe Simmons
Colasurdo, Christine and Thomas Scanlan
Collison, Eric and Sharon Wyda Collison
Conner, Kit and Liz
Conner’s Heating and Cooling
Cooksey, Mark
Corwin, Raymond and Alice
Crane, Scott and Katie Long
Crowell Jr., John
Curtis, Marilyn
Cusick, Tim and Suzanne
Dale, Sheila
Danielson, Melissa
Deming, Will and Lauren
DeSpain, Becky
Dot Electric
Dubesa, Elaine
DuCharme, Christy
Duffens, Kurt
Ecker, Paul and Beth Essex
Eschen, Nevill
Fales, Donald and Norma
Faries, Charles and Charlotte
Fay, Darlene
Felix, Bruce and Audrey Schindler
Finch, Cindy
Fish, Jerry and Sally
Fisher, Ruth
Fleming, Steven
Food Services of America
Foote, Derek
Foote, Gerry
Friends of the Columbia River Gorge
Gabrielson, Kristin
Garg, Raj and Shelly
Garvin, Roger and Robin
Gloekler, EH and Inga
Goddard, Sandy-Jo
Goertz, Mike and Barbara
Graeub, WC and Joy
Grant, Larry and Kristin Finnegan
Grewe, Chris and Susan
Gurnari, Pamela
Haight, Deborah
Halverson, Brad and Katrina
Halvorsen, Frank and Karen
Hammond, Carl and Peggy
Hampton, David and Carolyn
Hange, Adam
Hattan, Robert
Hauser, Regina and Chris Carson
Hawkins, David
Hedlund, Susan and John Walling
Hill, Kathleen and Shawn
Hill, Kathryn
Historic Springdale Pub & Eatery
Hoder, Kevin and Patty Macfarlane-Hoder
Hortenstine, John and Sara
Hughes, Tom and Gayle
Hunter, Chase
Icenogle, Marlin and Nancy
Jackson, Lois
Jandacek, James
Jenkins, Pam
Jennings, Ben
Jennings, Ronald C
Jensen, John and Emily Jo
Jepsen, Bonnie
Leuthauser, Ann
Leuthauser, John
Lohnes, Dennis and Rebecca
Johnson, Laura
Kates, Kyle and Julie
Kaufman, Murlan and Ginny Bistodeau
Kaye, Ted and Debbie
Kellermann, Jody
Kirkbride, Dale and Carol
Lambertsen, Paul
Lange, Donna
Leamy Printing and Design
Leatherwood, David and Janet
Lee, Rick
Lewis, Linda
Loomis-Malin, Sharon
Lucas, Bob and Linda
Lucas, Fonda
Lumsden Family
Magnuson, Ted and Nancy
Malin, Rich and Sharon
Masterson, Barbara
McAllister, Leslie
McCartney, Ann
McKitrick, Brad and Mary
McNamee, Paula
McSwain, Bob and Cindy
Meihoff, Walt and Jean
Merner, Jack
Merrill, Erich and Laura
Mesirow, Margaret
Milne, Victoria
Mishler, Jerry and Sara Grigsby
Moore, James
Mullen, Dan and Molly Jo
Mullen, Mary
Nadal, Joe and Diana
Nilson, Chris
Novak, Iris
O’Donnell, Jennifer
Olsen, Christine
Oregon Community Foundation, Friends of Menucha Fund
Pacific Office Automation
Parks, Spencer and Sarah van Haeften
Petrie, Eric and Casey
Pittman, Pam
Poindexter, Charles and Ruth
Post, Wes
Priedeman, Gordon and Mary
Primack, Steve and Candace
Pullin, Rosemary
Ramirez, Cirila and Scot Lang
Raponi, Belle
Rasmussen, Chris
Razzano, Chris and Joey
Reedy, Rhonda and Dana
Rounsavell, Dan and Myra
Runkel, Ross
Schwendemann, Connie and Richard Peterson
Sercombe, Tim and Jane Van Boskirk
Sexton, Tom and Debra
Shippy, Keisha
Shively, Willard and Laurna
Shaw, Chuck
Shively, Willard and Laurna
Showalter, Tom and Mary Ellen
Sievert, Jeff and Lori
Simpson, Matt and Linda McNulty
Snodderly, Steve and Lisa
Solomon, Kristin
Spalding, Daniel
Starker, Gayle
Stem, Miriam
Stetson, Dick
Swanson, Bruce and Deborah
Taylor, Inez Briley
Teufel, Judith
The Way Out Inn
Tom Dwyer Automotive Service
Trails End Kettle Corn
Van Delden, Pat and Anja
Vanden Bosch, Peter and Marilyn Howe
Walsh, Jim and Ann
Warren, Shirley
Watkins, Marie
Webster, Matt and Hillary
West, Jackie
West, Jeff and MaryKay
Whittington, Joe and Phyllis
Williams, Julie
Williams, Peter and Aira
Williams, Rich
Withycombe, Kathy
Wolfard, Kathy
Wurm, Emmie
Yoder, Ernie and Jeri
Yoder, Rebekah
Young, June
Ziel, Sharon

Gifts made in honor of:
Bob Blum and Carol Black
Laura Merrill
Lauren Deming
Spencer Parks and Sarah van Haeften
Susan J. Russell
The Fantastic Menucha Staff
The Withycombe Family

Gifts name in memory of:
Bob and Maryhelen Calderwood
Gail Doty Post
Jean Pletcher
Jim Heck
John Morris
Joyce van Haeften
Maggie Rogers
Patsy Ehrman
Tom Withycombe

Donors and Volunteers in 2020

Bergdorf, Suellen
Blum, Bob and Carol Black
Creative Arts Community
Danielson, Melissa
DeSpain, Becky
Edwards, Doug
Finch, Cindy
Gliebe, Mark
Hampton, David and Carolyn
Heidegger, Jane
Hoder, Kevin and Patty Macfarlane-Hoder
Hughes, Tom and Gayle
Icenogle, Marlin and Nancy
Lee, Rick
Leuthauser, John and Ann Leuthauser
Lindsey, Buck and Jenny
Magnuson, Ted and Nancy
Mishler, Jerry and Sara Grigsby
Pullin, Rosemary
Rossmiller, Elaine
Sercombe, Tim
Starker, Gayle
Whittington, Joe and Phyllis
Wurm, Emmie


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